Sod Types

Sod Types

HTN Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Low, compact growth
  • Good heat tolerance
  • Very dark green color
  • Aggressive recovery from drought stress
  • Resistance to many diseases

90/10 Fescue Mix

  • 90% improved varieties of Turf Type Tall Fescue with 10% Hybrid Texas Bluegrass
  • Deep rooting action of Fescue
  • Heat Tolerance of Texas Bluegrass
  • Works well with commercial or residential landscape
  • Specially blended for high salt tolerance for use with reclaimed water

HTN Hybrid Texas Bluegrass

  • A low growing heat tolerant turf
  • Potential to require less irrigation then other Kentucky Bluegrass varieties.
  • Deep and Extensive root production which enhances drought resistance.
  • Aggressive rhizome formation makes it able to tolerate traffic and recover more quickly

HTN Sports Turf

  • Very aggressive varieties
  • Great choice for sports fields
  • High use areas
  • Rapid regrowth